We Are Hiring!

Teachers Wanted

The LDCSB is on a teacher hiring spree!

Our student population has increased approximately 30% over the past five years and the London area is one of the fastest growing regions in Canada. This rapid growth has resulted in a need for qualified Catholic teachers at a pace not seen in decades.

Are you or someone you know certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and interested in becoming a teacher with the LDCSB?

Not Catholic or OCT certified? We have some administrator and instructor positions available that you might be qualified for. 

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Support Staff

Are you or someone you know looking for a part-time job or some extra work?

We are currently hiring temporary school secretaries, custodians, librarians, educational assistants and early childhood educators.

Salaries range between $20-30+ per hour depending on the role and experience.

Click here for details for each position.