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Quick Facts

School Hours: 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM
Grade Distribution: Kindergarten to Grade 8
Student Enrolment: 400

Our Parish

St. Michael's Parish
511 Cheapside Street, London, ON, N5Y 3X5

About Our School

St. Kateri Catholic Elementary School is located in the Masonville area in North London. The school is named after Kateri Tekawitha, a native North American, who converted to Christianity and devoted her life to Christ through prayer and personal sacrifice.
St. Kateri has a student population of 400 children from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Our students are continuously involved in the pursuit of excellence in a variety of activities and prog​rams both academic and non-academic in nature.
Together with our parish, our families, our Catholic School Advisory Council (C-SAC), our generous volunteers and our community partners, we provide opportunities that enrich the lives of our students and foster a desire for strong citizenship and social responsibility. Committed to Catholic education, our students thrive in an environment that stresses tolerance and acceptance of one another.
Our commitment to our Catholic faith provides a learning environment where together we model our Gospel values and teachings daily. We understand and appreciate the role that we play in assisting our students as they work toward achieving the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations


19 classrooms – Kindergarten to Grade 8
YMCA Child Care Program

Living Our Faith

The staff and students of St. Kateri have many opportunities each day to demonstrate their Catholic faith. These include school-wide, divisional and class liturgies, the celebration of the Sacraments of First Eucharist and Reconciliation in Grade 2 and the Sacrament of Confirmation in Grade 8. The overall Mission of the school embraces a Christ-centred, inclusive, and caring community that is focused on the Gospels and teachings of Jesus Christ.
We have a rich and varied group of community volunteers who generously share their time and gifts by assisting on a regular basis within our school (e.g., literacy support, hot lunch, parent chaperones, classroom volunteers, etc.​).

Belonging at St. Kateri

In a 2015 survey of 100% of students at St. Kateri (Grades 4 to 8) we found:
  • 68% of students had not experienced any bullying in the past 4 weeks.
  • Students’ most common reactions to being bullied/harassed were to ignore it or tell their parents/guardians.
  • 74% of students believed teachers/staff always or often tried to stop bullying/harassment.
  • 71% of students thought rules related to conduct and behaviour were always or often enforced fairly at school.
  • 68% of students felt something is always or often done if they speak to an adult at school about bullying/harassment.
  • 66% of students were very ​satisfied or satisfied with the steps their school has taken to prevent bullying/harassment.

Transportation Information

Our school community is serviced by 6 school buses. Our students board the bus at the front of the school where a no vehicle zone has been established. ​
Information regarding bus cancellations or delays is available on local radio stations, on our Board’s website, or at http://www.mybigyellowbus.ca/
We also have a number of students who live in the neighbourhood and are either driven to school or walk to school.